Welcome to the Paranormal Tribute WikiEdit

Paranormal Tribute is a book and upcoming game. This wiki covers the characters, stories, theories and items from both the book and game. However, due to the more accurate and thought out information of the game rather than the book, this wiki will only show information from the game. Enjoy your stay.

Paranormal TributeEdit

Paranormal Tribute is a horror game based off of the unpublished book of the same name from 2012. It relies on a system where in the single player mode, the player grind for materials and weapons, and then uses them in a massive multiplayer, where the player uses materials from the single player to build a fortress and populate it. They then use the people to attack others, eventually allowing you to scavenge their base to upgrade your personal buildings. The graphics are similar to early RPGs; they are 16-bit and retro-like.

Latest activityEdit

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