​"'Right now, it may look like a complete shithole, but give it time, and Andrew will improve it. Time heals all wounds," -Conrad when asked about Dallas.                                                               "Dallas; an oasis in a desert, a nuclear shelter during a nuclear apocalypse. It's a city run by sin; what's not to love?" -Elijah describing Dallas.

Dallas is a major location in Paranormal Tribute, and is the largest location in the game. The majority of quests in the base game take place there, and most characters can be found there as well. In Multiplayer mode, Dallas is a special location that people can fight for, and when someone conquers it, they gain multiple buffs to their base.

Information and BackstoryEdit

Before the Outbreak, Dallas was a major city in Texas, and had several hundred thousand citizens inside it. After Austin was destroyed, multiple government officials retreated to a bunker underneath Dallas in hopes of surviving. While the bunker remained unharmed from most of the infected, the city quickly succumbed to the disease, and most inhabitants died. In an attempt to stop the infected, the government bombed several parts of Dallas, leaving only a few buildings and a certain skyscraper. Two years before the events of Paranormal Tribute, Dallas would once again discovered by Andrew Edwardson, who created civilization and order once more in Dallas.

More info coming soon...Edit

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